Carbon dioxide filling unit CFA Mobil

Manufacturer: Brandschutztechnik Müller

Art.No.: 186141

All CO2 bottles from 2–30 kg can be filled using the CFA MOBIL Carbon Dioxide Filling Unit.

Various additional equipment guarantees that many other filling applications are possible.

 For supplying CO2 the unit can be connected to CO2 bottles with an ascending pipe or to CO2 medium-pressure tanks (approx. 50 bar). The filling valve and the connection hose are supplied as standard items.

 The unit inlet contains a special steel filter and protects the pump from impurities from the CO2 storage bottle or the CO2 storage tank. Internal CO2 cartridges, external CO2 bottles and CO2 fire extinguishers up to 6 kg can alternatively be filled with the supplementary components Digital I or Digital II, which are available as accessories.

 They are connected to the CFA MOBIL electrically and with a CO2 high-pressure hose.


motor 230V/50Hz; 1,1 kW
output (kg/min) 3,5
width (mm) 565
depth (mm) 360
height (mm) 315
weight (kg) 42
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